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Simone Holland

With their storytelling grounded in reality, Simone uses surrealism absurdism as their lens. She directed and was cinematographer on projects for Red Bull and Bustle, as well as artists like Grammy winner, Jazmine Sullivan, Tone Stith, and Jamila Woods. As a creative director, Simone has worked with Mcdonalds,  Nike, and Duracell, as well as packaging for events like the 2021 BET AWARDS.  As a 2021 Emmy Award winning Camera Operator and 2022 ROTATE Fellow, at YouTube and Wieden + Kennedy, Simone continues to push boundaries; Focusing on amplifying the voices of those who do not have the space. Cross-pollinating her creative versatility, Simone applies her multi-disciplinary technical experience to her directorial and creative work as a current freelancer at Wieden + Kennedy New York.


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