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Simone Holland

With their storytelling grounded in reality, Simone uses surrealism as their lens. As a 2021 EMMY Award winning Camera Operator and former 2022 ROTATE Fellow, at YouTube and Wieden + Kennedy, Simone continues to push boundaries. She directed and was cinematographer for projects for McDonald’s, Red Bull, Anheuser-Busch Global and Bustle x Hilton, as well as for artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Tone Stith, Adi Oasis and Jamila Woods. As a creative director, Simone has worked with Mcdonalds, Nike, Duracell, and the 2021 BET AWARDS.  Cross-pollinating her creative versatility, Simone applies her multi-disciplinary technical experience to her directorial and creative work as a current 2022 BlackStar Philadelphia Filmmaker Fellowship, Directorial Fellow.


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