Three decades of musical history within the same 10 block radius. King Britt, Matthew Law, DJ Aktive & DJ Jazzy Jeff all grew up in West Philadelphia. Each with their own story to tell, they are intertwined by the same streets that raised them. Culturally, musically, & politically, all roads undeniably lead back to Philadelphia.


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Through the Perspectives of 15 individual artists and a film crew, we create a safe space for candid conversations around beauty, mental health, race through the lenses of seven, Philadelphia local, Models’ lives before and during quarantine. 


Simone Holland

From a young age, I have always been drawn to visuals that challenge how we see the world. While my storytelling is grounded in reality, subtle surrealism is my lens. Continuing to push boundaries, I cross-pollinate my creative versatility, applying multi-disciplinary technical experience to my directorial work.

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